Warsztat nr 5
Communicative risk management session with RiskChallenger

Imię i nazwisko prelegenta: Marco Buijnsters

Opis warsztatu

In many organisations risk management is mostly regarded as a “must do” exercise creating endless Excel worksheets or extensive databases during boring risk sessions identifying at least the most important risks and opportunities of a project. What is often lacking is a further in depth discussion looking for causal links between the potential cause(s) and effect(s) of those risks, which help to develop appropriate effective and efficient mitigation measures based on facts rather than gut feeling or political desire. And quite often a dominant voice rises above the expert’s knowledge and experience.

In the communicative risk management approach the main focus is on talking about risk (and opportunities) together as a project team as it makes people far more aware about risk, makes them more alert and enables them to coordinate their actions with those of others. This makes such actions more efficient and effective, which then contributes to the success of a project.

In this workshop the background and principles of the communicative risk management approach are explained and explored in an interactive way, allowing participants to work on their own issues.

With the assistance of the RiskChallenger tool, workshop participants will develop and experience a “live” communicative risk management session taking into account the preferred (communication) styles of the different individuals in a project team and “eliminating” the dominant voice. With the output of the session, risk as well as risk cause and effect relationships can be filtered and visualized for further reporting and follow up. Communicative risk management will not only demonstrate that talking together about risk helps and is the key to both risk and project (management) success, but that managing risk can be fun (again) as well.